The Company

Strategic Energy Marketing is one of the largest mass-market customer acquisition companies in the United States gas and power sector. Since 2011, It has been our mission to provide a successful and steady connection between residential and commercial customers and Energy Service Providers (ESPs) introducing the consumer to the best possible commodity rate impacting their bottom line.

Strategic Energy Marketing is a petroleum marketer of Middle Eastern, Russian Federation, Nigerian Light crude oil and Colombian crude oil streams to the U.S., European and Asian markets with direct supplier agreements in place globally.

Strategic Energy Marketing supplies its U.S. based customers with bulk-fuel for their gasoline and diesel fuel retail-market-supply as well as for customers with their own vehicle-ground-fleet fuel and jet fuel requirement needs lowering their cost of goods on a macro and micro basis improving their profit margins and/or savings.

We serve our refinery, trading company and gasoline retail customer client in the best possible way with a competitive discounted rate as a direct supplier with no brokers or intermediaries and managing the administrative and contractual tasks as well as the coordination of the loading and delivery logistics of product to any designated bulk terminal safe world port.

We are consistently striving with an ethical and moral compass in developing supplier relationships globally enabling our company to meet our customerís demand and capacity requirements of product.

The People Behind It

Randy Case
President & CEO

Victor Elikee
Vice President
Supply Chain Management & Business Development. Lagos, Nigeria.

Michael Gennawey
Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Business & Legal Affairs

Moses Atamata
Advisor to The Board
NNPC & Crude Oil Business Affairs Lagos, Nigeria