Consumer Programs

Strategic Energy Marketing is one of the largest energy marketing companies reaching customers throughout the United States. To accomplish this monumental task SEM incorporates a multi-faceted approach to communicate to the public and to businesses their choices in chosing utility providers. One of the major challeneges SEM faces is bringing to light the fact that consumers have a choice in the first place and is thus integral to its approach.

In connection with this, Strategic Energy Marketing employs a variety of effective programs that accomplish the task of educating customers about their choices.

Door-to-door Campaigns: Engaging customers personally is an effective approach for two main reasons: First, with personal contact customers can have confidence that there is a human element to our communications and second, we can ensure that specific customers in specific localities are getting accurate and timely information. By having face-to-face contact with our personnel, the customer can feel the confidence that human contact provides.

Call Center: Traditionally viewed as a difficult method to reach customers, this strategy has actually been successful for SEM and a positive experience for consumers due to its quick engagement and convenient process. Using lead lists from companies like ListGiant, we can concentrate on single-family homes who would benefit from this information the most

Direct Sales to Large Customers: We do the additional legwork required to educate and inform large customers about their options. Presenting a custom tailored approach requires research and resources but the end result is a comprehensive package that saves the customer time and money. This package, with details about a customer's options and savings estimates, can allow the customer to make an informed choice.