Mission and Values

Our Vision

An ethical marketplace where energy consumers and suppliers can trust each other.

Our Mission

SEM's mission is to be the leader in the Energy Sector advancing customer acquisitions in marketplace trust. SEM accomplishes this mission by:

SEM sees trust as two primary functions; integrity and performance; Integrity includes respect, ethics and intent. Performance speaks to a business's track record of delivering results in accordance with SEM standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner. SEM ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. We exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of energy. We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible on natural gas and electricity.

Our principles for trust are a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how your business needs should be treated fairly and honestly in all your energy needs and costs associated and managed with doing business. SEM evaluates businesses against their energy and utility needs and costs and our standards in evaluation clearly speak to the character and competence of an organization.

SEM is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on energy. Our network of national energy source providers allows us to monitor, consult, correct and take action on your energy costs affecting thousands of businesses and consumers at any given time. SEM is your key advisor, most reliable evaluator and most objective expert on the topic of energy in the marketplace.

Our Values

To accomplish our mission, we commit to the following values to guide all of our decisions and behavior, with each other and with all those we serve:

Strive to do our very best. Be accountable to the general public, our customers, and to each other for everything we do. Commit to providing the highest quality service with excellence and consistency everywhere we operate.

Be honest and ethical in all of our business activities. Treat everyone with integrity, keeping our promises and learning from our mistakes. Have the courage to hold fast to our professional convictions.

Communicate, cooperate and collaborate freely across organizational and territorial boundaries, and work as one team to fulfill our mission.

Trust in our colleagues throughout the SEM system and in ourselves. Say what we mean and mean what we say. Communicate with honesty and candor.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. People are our fundamental asset. We will empower them to develop and use their talents and capabilities to the fullest.