Learn More About Energy and De-Regulation

Energy De-regulation is causing waves in the nationís utility markets and both the consumer and supplier will benefit from continual assistance in the coming years to navigate this ever changing scene. Strategic Energy Marketing aims to accomplish this on both fronts.

Below are a few commonly asked questions about this topic.

What is De-Regulation?

In different states utilities have begun opening up to giving consumers a choice in who they can receive energy from. While consumers are still able to use the existing utilities infrastructure they are now able to chose a different *supplier* for those utilities and opt to go with a lower-priced supplier when available.

Is the process difficult or inconvenient?

Not at all! All that is required is basic customer information to provide to the alternate supplier and the switch is instant and without service interruption. Please see our current partners page to see a list of real and well-recognizable companies in our community who have been satisfied with making the switch.

Why are different suppliers cheaper?

Before de-regulation, companies could not compete by normal market forces. Now that this limitation has been removed different companies can be competitive in both price and service. Just like consumers are able to switch their phone provider and get better rates, they now exercise the freedom to select a utility supplier that better meets their needs.

To keep up to date with emerging developments in the world of energy de-regulation check out Energy Choice Matters.