The Company

We can DELIVER petroleum products (CIF) to any Buyer/Client at (Minus 15% - 20%) Discount from PLATTS with NO upfront fees or costs.

Strategic Energy Marketing is the Petroleum Marketing Arm for a U.S. based Signatory TITLEHOLDER and SUPPLIER of bulk petroleum products that has its contracts directly with major Refiners Globally.

Our Supplier/Titleholder we market for orders and pays for the fuel, orders the vessel and pays for the vessel and crew and insurances with Llyod's and ships ESPO from Nahodka Bay to Quingdao (China).

To successfully achieve this, there must be direct dialogue between the (Signatory Buyer) and (Signatory Titleholder Seller). Commissions are paid to the Agent/Brokers from the Escrow transaction account per the fee protection agreement. Seller will also issue 2% Performance Bond via Lloyd’s of London.

Our Supplier is the Signatory TITLEHOLDER and dialogues with the Signatory Buyer. Supplier NEVER issues Soft Corporate Offers. If you have a qualified buyer with the capacity to purchase, we’re happy to open dialogue with you discussing your needs and minimum order quantities.

Our Supplier has been established since 2006 as a Wyoming (USA) domiciled company in good standing with the Secretary of State which is verifiable on the Secretary of States [government] website and their Registered Agent Attorney is further a Wyoming based law firm.

Our Supplier has their offices in Northern California, Southern California, Shanghai China, and Wyoming.

We are consistently striving with an ethical and moral compass in developing customer relationships Globally enabling our company to meet our customer demand and capacity requirements of energy commodities.

We serve our customers in the best possible way with a very competitive ‘discounted rate’ as a direct supplier with no brokers or intermediaries managing the administrative and contractual tasks as well as the coordination of the loading and maritime delivery logistics of product to any designated terminal and safe world port.

All information will be shared with Signatory Buyer and be made further transparent.

The People Behind It

Randy Case
President & CEO

Victor Elikee
Vice President
Supply Chain Management & Business Development. Lagos, Nigeria.

Michael Gennawey
Vice President,
Operations & Business Development

Moses Atamata
Advisor to The Board
NNPC & Crude Oil Business Affairs Lagos, Nigeria

Sheri Woodside Dale
Vice President, Supply Chain & Business Development
The America’s & Caribbean Basin