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Supplying The World With Energy
What We Do

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Strategic Energy Marketing is a Petroleum Marketer of crude oil and refined distillate products “Direct” with its refinery supply-chain / ALLOCATION TITLEHOLDER of energy resources on a Global level and can deliver at MORE than 10% BELOW PLATT’S to a qualified buyer's target port with NO Upfront Costs or Fees.

We pay for the fuel as TITLEHOLDER and OWNER, order the vessel and crew, insure the fuel with Lloyd’s of London, load the vessel and ship the vessel to you CIF and provide a 2% Performance Bond against our contract to deliver. We can dialogue with any Signatory Buyer.

Strategic Energy Marketing’s Partner is the Signatory TITLEHOLDER and OWNER of the fuel that has its contracts with major Refiners Globally and can deliver at MORE than 15% - 20% below PLATT’S Oil Gram to a qualified target port the following.

  • Jet Fuel: TSA1
  • ESPO: Blended Crude: API 34-34.8, Sulphur 0.294-0.535.
  • D2: diesel fuel; (street legal)
  • EN590 diesel: Equal to ULSD diesel;
  • Gasoline; 87-93 Octane
  • LNG, LPG (requires special handling and ports)
  • Light Cycle Oil (LCO)
  • RPO 145 (used for rubber production)
  • Bitumen (used for asphalt roads)
  • Urea (used for fertilizer)
  • Pet Coke & CST180 & Naptha

To successfully achieve this, there must be direct dialogue with the (Signatory Buyer) and the (Signatory Titleholder Seller). Commissions are paid to Agent/Brokers from the Escrow transaction account per a fee protection agreement and we never issue soft corporate offers.

If you’re a Broker with a qualified buyer with capacity to purchase, we’re happy to open dialogue with you. Please contact us via telephone and/or email to discuss the minimum order quantities and details.

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